77 apply for Escambia fire chief position

Fire Helmet image by MGN

Applications are closed for the top job at Escambia Fire Rescue.

The county received 77 applications for the position of fire chief after listing the job February 1st.

Former chief Patrick Grace was relieved of his duties in late January, after allegations of sexual harassment, bullying, and other complaints about the department.

Grace was not the focus of the investigation but County Administrator Jack Brown says the situation warranted a change in the culture.

Local applicants include Molino District Fire Chief Anthony Manning, Ferry Pass District Fire Chief Michael Aaron, Pensacola Fire Chief David Allen, and Escambia Fire Rescue Lieutenants Daniel Akerman and Richard Bode.

Former Pensacola Fire Chief Matt Schmitt and former Pensacola Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Glover also applied. City leaders fired both men in 2016 citing a loss of confidence in their ability to lead the department. Three months later, Schmitt filed a lawsuit against the city. Glover currently works part time for Escambia County Fire Rescue.

The job description said the county is looking for a "progressive, forward thinking, innovator and transformational leader" with five to seven years experience. The salary range is $81,036.80 - $133,536.00.

Applicants are, in alphabetical order:

  1. Aaron, Michael A.
  2. Adams, John D.
  3. Akerman, Daniel Augustus
  4. Allen, David E.
  5. Anderson Jr, Paul
  6. Banta, Oral W.
  7. Baskett, Burney K
  8. Beaty Jr, William D.
  9. Blackwell, Marion F.
  10. Bode, Richard C.
  11. Boudreaux, Richard Paul
  12. Brewer, Wesley R.
  13. Brinson, Derrick P.
  14. Brown, Melvin
  15. Buckley, Craig Nelson
  16. Bumgarner, Hal K.
  17. Collins, Larry L.
  18. Costo, Henry J.
  19. Cox, Stephen F.
  20. Davis, Michael Paul
  21. Demeter, Stephen L.
  22. Dickson, Patrick N.
  23. Dixon, Joseph W.
  24. Dyer Jr, Al G.
  25. Ferris, Robert C
  26. Fields, Thomas H.
  27. Fullenlove, Bruce. 0
  28. Gilcrease, Gavin C.
  29. Glover, Joseph A.
  30. Green, Bradley Terrance
  31. Guidry, Dennis Michael
  32. Harshburger, Daniel B.
  33. Horton, Don J.
  34. Hudson, Steven C.
  35. Hume, Robert K.
  36. Hussey, Jeff A.
  37. Johnson, Jeffrey S
  38. Kane, Michael P
  39. Keith, Craig L.
  40. Knowles, David L.
  41. Kolommt, Richard
  42. Lewis, Allen G.
  43. Long, Alan James
  44. Manning, Anthony P.
  45. Manuel, Kevin Blaine
  46. Marrison, Jerry L.
  47. McBride, Stephen W.
  48. Mitchell, Keith T.
  49. Mullen, Lonnie R.
  50. Nail, Russell Clark
  51. Naylo, Merrill
  52. Perry, Troy F.
  53. Priggemeie, Bryce Adam
  54. Reilly, Dennis P.
  55. Riley, Richard D.
  56. Risen, A Michael
  57. Rodriguez, Ronald A.
  58. Samarelll, James Sr.
  59. Sanchez, Richard L.
  60. Schmitt, Matthew J.
  61. Shutts, Ronnie L.
  62. Slayman, Donald R.
  63. Smith, Edward W.
  64. Smith, Paul Randall
  65. Smith, Stephen G.
  66. Soule, Timothy H.
  67. Stillwagon II, James A
  68. Swan Jr, Richard C.
  69. Swanson, Derrick E.
  70. Swartout, Brian R.
  71. Taylor, Vance A.
  72. Thomas Ill, Thomas A.
  73. Venegas, Edmundo
  74. Vinyard, William D.
  75. Voge, Michael ā€œCJā€
  76. Woodworth, Steven P.
  77. Young, Christopher Kenneth
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