Abandon Escambia County Jail soon to be demolished

Abandon Escambia County Jail soon to be demolished . (Source: WEAR-TV)

Escambia County Commissioners are taking another step to demolish the Escambia County Jail.

In 2014 , two people were killed and more than 150 inmates were hurt in an explosion at the jail.

Since then, it has become an eyesore to residents. Currently, the jail is sitting abandon and untouched while county officials resolve legal issues.

County Commissioners are planning to hire a demolition contractor to remove the building and report he bidding contract for the jail is under half a million dollars.

Doug Underhill, Escambia Commissioner, Doug Underhill says, "I don't know what the risk is associated with those who were victims, directly giving the opportunity to have a moment of silence or whatever at that location."

The county says they will notify residents about any noise and dust concerns during the demolition process.

Officials have not released a demolition start date.

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