Advocates push parents to look into preschool programs

Hundreds of kids in Escambia County are not ready for kindergarten and early childhood advocates want parents to change that.

There are 84 voluntary pre-kindergarten program sites in Escambia County currently serving about 2,200 4-year-olds.

The programs are free and 24 of them are faith-based.

Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County says there is an estimate of 3,000 preschoolers in the county and they know not all of them will be in classrooms next year.

"An individual school, an individual location may at time from year to year have limitations on the number of students they can enroll. But in the aggregate, this county has more than enough capacity and more than enough opportunity and a diversity of opportunity. There is no reason a parent should not be able to find the ideal place to place their child," said Bruce Watson, director of Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County.

Parents can head over to the Coalition's website to register their child for a volunteer pre-kindergarten program or click here.

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