Alano Club building to be sold: Club wants to raise money to stay

Alano Club building to be sold: Club wants to raise money to stay

It’s a place where those in need of help have been coming for more than three decades, but now they may have to move.

It’s known as 52 Beal, a modest building on Beal Parkway in Fort Walton Beach. It’s home to the Alano Club.

The club is a place where people with alcohol and substance abuse problems come to get a helping hand on the road to recovery.

Joe Fuller walked through their doors many years ago. It holds a special place in his life.

“This is the place I felt welcomed and that there were people like me that were trying to find a solution to their drug and alcohol problems. And so, I felt that I could be safe here,” Fuller said.

The club, which has locations nationwide, has rented a building for about $300 a month, but the owner plans to sell the property that’s valued at $190,000.

The club would like to remain and have 10 months to raise the money to buy it.

That will be a monumental task for a club that operates on donations. Those who have been help include locals and out-of-towners alike. There is hope some of these same people will give back to a place that has long given something to the community.

If the fundraising effort falls short, they will take the money they do raise and find another building. Because, when it comes to this organization and its mission, failure is never an option.

Click here to learn more about the organization and its fundraising effort.

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