Anchor Wars: Shooting Range Challenge

Anchor Wars: Shooting Range Challenge

Going into Challenge number three of Anchor Wars, Jared Willets and Laura Hussey have each won one round. Laura was victorious in the Corn Maze Challenge, and Jared had the best time on the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office obstacle course.

After Jared's unexpected win on the obstacle course, Laura wants a playing field where height and speed don't matter. Oak Ridge Gun Range might be that place.

Manager Robert Davies explained, "This is a sport where men don't have an advantage over women. It's something women can do equally as well as men, or better."

Davies has given lessons to both Jared and Laura.

During the safety briefing, Jared said, "Let me ask you this Robert, you've seen me shoot, you've seen Laura shoot. If you were a betting man, just go ahead, it's OK, you're not going to hurt anyone's feelings."

Robert caught Jared's drift and replied, "Laura shoots pretty well."

Then it was off to the lanes. Laura shot first. She looked like trouble, but when the target was pulled in, her shots were way off. Jared couldn't keep the smile off his face, but he expressed sympathy, saying, "Not bad shootin', young lady!" Laura gave a sick laugh.

In his first round, Jared was focused and determined as he lined up his shots. He was hitting closer to the target and definitely took the round, but neither competitor looked very impressive.

Between rounds, Jared and Laura loosened up and clowned around, shaking shoulders and hips, and bending into the somewhat awkward target shooting stance.

Then the comic relief was over, and round two was on. Jared took the lane first, and he was not happy with his performance. His shots were drifting further from the bullseye. He said, "What the heck's up with this, I did so much better the first time."

Robert thought Jared was getting fatigued. Laura had used the extra time to regroup. She shot better in round 2, even getting a bullseye. Jared exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, holy mackerel! Who's the shark today?"

Robert Davies has to declare a winner. Jared had higher overall points, but Laura is the only one who had a bullseye. After lots of number-crunching, the match is declared a tie!

Now, it all comes down to the final test. Next week, Jared and Laura will try to scale the rock wall at UWF. With one victory under each of their belts, it will be winner take all in the fourth, and final challenge of Anchor Wars!

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