Another hard freeze warning followed by warmer weekend

Photo: MGN

Toss another log on the fire because a hard freeze warning is in effect for the Gulf Coast. A hard freeze warning means temperatures of 20 degrees or lower are expected. The WEAR-TV area can expect temps on Thursday morning to be in the mid to upper teens with some coastal zones around 20.

Areas of black ice will be possible with such cold temps. Black ice looks like water on the road but is actually slippery ice.

The alert from the National Weather Service states that sub-freezing temperatures could result in hypothermia and will also be a danger to pets, livestock and sensitive vegetation. Exposed water pipes will be at risk of freezing and possibly bursting. If you have any exterior open air piping, ensure the pipes are adequately covered and open the faucet slightly for a small stream of water overnight. Check on elderly neighbors to make sure they have adequate heat. Outdoor pets and livestock should also have adequate warmth. Ensure space heaters are not left unattended and are not used near flammable materials such as curtains or bed coverings. Space heaters account for one out of every three home heating fires and four out of five home heating fire deaths.

Brutally cold air will continue to blow in from the north and a wind chill advisory is in effect. Temperatures will feel about 10 degrees colder than the actual air temperature meaning the wind chill values could be around 10 degrees.

While the weather is certainly cold enough for snow, the skies will be all clear and snow is no longer in the forecast.

If you snap any wintry pictures makes sure to send them our way by clicking here or text weartv to 95577.

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