Anti-Trump art exhibit on display at Pensacola State College

Anti-Trump art exhibit on display at Pensacola State College

An art exhibit at Pensacola State College (PSC) is raising concern among some students and staff.

Part of the temporary exhibit includes 12 t-shirts, all of which have different anti-Trump slogans painted on them.

These t-shirts aren't for sale; they're part of an art exhibit, on display at Pensacola State College, and they're causing quite a stir.

"I like the 'f'n moron' shirt the most," said Jordan Capps. "Because it's the most offensive and will cause the most reaction."

"F'n moron... I don't see what's moronic about his policies," said Paul Matthew Mitchell. "They've actually proven to be quite effective."

Both PSC students, Capps and Mitchell clearly differ in their political views.

"I don't agree with these shirts," said Mitchell. "I'm a Trump supporter."

"It's interesting to see a bunch of people get upset," said Capps.

The professor behind the exhibit, Douglas Reiser, couldn't talk with Channel 3's Hannah Mackenzie on Wednesday, but sophomore Katelyn Bailey said this is exactly what this exhibit is all about.

"This is a really great and respectful, peaceful way to show that we're not all the same here," said Bailey. "That we're all from different parts of the world, different parts of the state and we all have different opinions on politics."

Something Bailey, Capps and Mitchell all agree on - the exhibit should stay where it is.

"How else are you going to progress if you don't let other ideas, no matter how offensive they may seem, to come out in the open?" asked Mitchell.

PSC President Dr. Ed Meadows said the exhibit doesn't represent the opinion or views of the college.

"Art is art," said Meadows. "The interpretation of that art is left up to the individual, but we do draw the line with things that are lewd or vulgar."

And if you don't like it or feel offended by it, Dr. Meadows said the answer is simple.

"Avoid it," said Meadows. "Just as the faculty member had a right to display his art, you have the right to not view it."

Regardless of the reactions this exhibit is generating, it will not be taken down until the end of the scheduled exhibition, on December 12. The guidelines for next year's PSC Art Faculty and Staff Exhibition are being reviewed.

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