ARB approved to demolish historical building in downtown Pensacola


The Architectural Review Board (ARB) held a special meeting to vote again on potentially demolishing the Escambia County School District Administration Building.

Several business leaders addressed the ARB before the board approved the demolition of the historic building located in the business district in Pensacola.

But, Pensacola’s newly elected Mayor, Grover Robinson IV, said the decision is not final because a forum was not held to listen to the communities concerns.

Mayor Robinson issued a statement to Channel 3 News stating the goal of his administration is no final decision should be made without a public forum.


The Architectural Review Board met today and approved the demolition of a historic building.
However, citizens were not given the opportunity for public input.
It is the goal of my administration that no final decision such as this is made without public input.
Therefore, I will ask the ARB to meet again and conduct the meeting properly with a period for public input.
- Mayor Grover C. Robinson IV

Last month, the ARB took up the issue and voted 3-3 on a negative motion. That vote was also denied by the City Attorney who deemed the meeting did not constitute a decision by the board.

No word on when a public forum will be held.

There is a push to demolish the school district building to redevelop the area.

Channel 3 will continue to follow this developing story.

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