Atlanta flight delays impact local travelers

Photo source: Channel 3's Christina Leavenworth

Several flights to and from Northwest Florida were affected by the power outage at the Atlanta airport on Sunday. Flights are now back on schedule and running normally from our area airports.

A flight full of exhausted passengers arrived around 11:05 a.m. on Monday morning. Many of them were relieved to finally get to Pensacola.

Many of them have been traveling for more than 24 hours. Ashley Kilpatrick was traveling from Huntsville and had a layover in Atlanta.

"I sat on the plane for three and a half hours and was escorted off the back of the plane. There were no lights, nothing. I decided a good idea to get a hotel," she said.

She was fortunate and got one of the last hotel rooms in Atlanta. Many others weren't as lucky. William Kane was traveling back home from the Naval Academy and had to sleep on the airport floor.

"We were on the plane for six hours on the tarmac. The power was still out, people were trying to plug in phones, but the power wasn't there. Once emergency power was on, they handed out blankets and water, but still no food for a while," said Kane.

Other were stuck in cities in other airports and their flights had to be rerouted. Tony Biela was traveling from Boston. He had stayed in North Carolina overnight because they couldn't land in Atlanta.

He said, "They got us to Atlanta today, no connecting flight to Panama City until tomorrow. We decided we would fly into here and drive back."

Even though the power has been restored, its recommended you check your flights and get to the airport early the next few days.

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