SHERIFF: Deputy shot, suspect in custody

Photo: Cpl. Michael Walker (left), Forrest Carl Bullin (right)

The person suspected of shooting a Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputy is in custody. Forrest Carl Bullin, 37, is accused of shooting Corporal Mike Walker twice with a shotgun while he responded to a domestic violence call. Walker is a nine-year veteran of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office (BCSO).

Authorities said Walker received a shotgun wound to the face and chest. He is in serious, but stable condition at a local hospital.

"We expect him to make a recovery, it might be a long road for Mike," said Baldwin County Sheriff Huey "Hoss" Mack during a news conference.

On Monday night, the deputy responded to a domestic violence call after a woman was apparently tossed or thrown over a bridge near mile marker 66 on Highway 59. Authorities said she fell approximately 10 feet.

Sheriff Mack said the woman somehow managed to call 911 and identified the person involved.

Deputies went to the home of the suspect’s relative north of Stockton in the Latham community around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Bullin barricaded himself inside the home, deputies said, before firing shots at three deputies.

Sheriff Mack said the gunshots missed two of the deputies but hit Walker in his face and chest.

"His family is by his side as well as our chaplain core. He is in serious but stable condition. We expect for him to make a recovery, might be a long road for Mike," Sheriff Mack said.

Austin Johnson said the police sirens woke him out of bed. He said he knew Bullin from a close relative.

"That guy, Forrest, used to ride to work with my stepdad or whatever. I wouldn't have thought he would do something like that," Johnson said.

The District Attorney's Office said this isn't Bullin's first time breaking the law.

Deputies said at the time of the incident, Bullin was out on bond for several charges. They said he was scheduled for trial on Friday.

The District Attorney said Bullin's bond hearing for this incident will be on Wednesday.

Read BCSO's full statement below:

"BCSO deputies responded to a domestic assault call earlier in the evening where a female was assaulted.
Deputies attempted to locate a suspect at a residence north of Stockton. Upon approaching a residence the suspect fired and struck one BCSO Deputy.
The Deputy has been transported to a hospital in serious but stable condition.
The suspect remains in a residence in north Baldwin Co in the Latham community near the 66 mile marker on Hwy 59. BCSO SWAT is on scene.
Residents in the area are asked to shelter in place until the situation is rendered safe."

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