Beach law protests: Law privatizing beaches starts July 1

Beach law protests: Law privatizing beaches starts July 1

A group in South Walton County plans to protest a new law they believe will privatize some Florida beaches.

Starting Sunday, beaches ruled as privately owned can be blocked off to the public.

Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill into law in March.

Two groups of protestors will walk the beach Sunday from Camp Helen State Park and Topsail Hill State Park.

The groups will meet in Grayton Beach.

They are calling on state leaders to keep Florida beaches public.

"It seems absolutely insane for beach front homeowners to suddenly, over the last two to three years say, 'Hold on a minute, we own the beaches and you can't access or use that.' and you have for centuries," said protestor Dave Rauschkolb.

The new law blocks local government from adopting ordinances to allow continued public entry to privately owned beaches.

Instead, any city or county that wants to do that has to get a judge's approval first by suing the private landowners.

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