Behind the Mask: Krewe of the Daisy Dukes


We are wrapping up our series "Behind the Mask" with the Krewe of the Daisy Dukes. Founded in 2005, they're known for celebrating during Mardi Gras week, and fundraising for good causes the rest of the year.

Straw hats, cowboy boots, and big hearts- that's how you know you're among the ladies of the Daisy Dukes.

Robin Leathers said, "We have one common goal and that is we want to have fun and we want to give back to the community."

Leathers is Vice President of the charity-minded women. She's shopping for beads to throw from their instantly recognizable float., the one with the

General Lee. Based on the character "Daisy Duke" from the iconic 80's TV show, "The Dukes of Hazzard," Krewe members embrace their sass and even allow one male member.

He can only belong for two years, then he gets the boot -- but he does play an important role in their good-deed-doing.

Leathers explained, "The Boss Hogg gets to pick his charity so his charity is the Wounded Warrior Fund."

They support many other causes including the local chapter of the U.S.O., breast cancer research, the Manna Food Bank, hurricane relief and most recently, The Emerald Coast Refuge for Women.

Leathers said the non-profit was a perfect fit for them to embrace. "It really takes a strong woman to pull herself out of the trafficking side. We really wanted to help,' she said.

Michelle Jones in the area director of 'Refuge for Women.' They help women who have been sexually exploited escape those situations.

"All the way from sending them to Kansas City to go to a program to get healing, so it will be great. With the help of the Krewe of Daisy Dukes to help us get the house open," Jones said.

Jones is working on building a local safe house for survivors. She expanded, "We have houses all over the United States and this will be the first house in the state of Florida, but specifically along the Gulf Coast."

Jones is grateful to have the support of such an energetic and generous group. "They definitely believe in strong women and all of us working together and making sure that these women have hope and restoration and be strong as well."

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