Beulah residents raise $10,000 to improve student's sight

Photo source: Channel 3's Max Curtis

Imagine a life without clear sight.

That's the reality 14-year-old Noah Anderson has been living.

He was born with albinism, which is a condition that reduces pigmentation in the iris.

It also causes a loss of eyesight.

Thursday he was given a pair of eSight glasses which have allowed him to see clearly for the first time.

"I'm just so excited to be able to see faces and recognize everything," says Noah.

His mother, Christy Anderson, cried when he looked at her face for the first time.

"My baby can see," said Christy.

The glasses cost around $10,000.

She says that without the help of Beulah Academy and Principal Sherry Bailey, purchasing the glasses would have never been possible.

"Mrs. Bailey said we are going to make this happen and to keep up the faith and so we did and in two weeks we had fundraised enough money to buy the glasses," said Christy.

The money raised was sponsored by Beulah Academy of Science in Noah's name on the eSight website.

Noah says that with his glasses his future is looking much brighter.

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