Bible spared by Hurricane Michael


    MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WEAR) - One family returning to their home following Hurricane Michael found whole walls missing and part of their roof blown off.

    Marla Wood is an accountant from Atlanta. Her vacation home, close to loved ones, is nestled just across from the ocean on Highway 98 in Mexico Beach.

    Her husband's family owns the Driftwood Inn, which was wiped out, but Wood's mother-in-law's Bible was unscathed. It was one of the few things Hurricane Michael didn't destroy.

    Wood was on the internet back in Georgia before getting in the car to drive to Florida. She had a five-hour drive to brace herself.

    The Woods are certainly not alone in this. Property all over Mexico Beach has been reduced to rubble.

    Wood, her son Bayley, and his friend decided to take a walk over to the water -– they even went in for a dip. This will be one for an album, maybe on a shelf next to the Bible when the Woods rebuild.

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