Blue Wahoos host family-friendly New Year's Eve celebration

Photo: Blue Wahoos New Year Celebration Source: WEAR Max Nadsady

Despite the chilly weather, Northwest Floridians decided to make the trip to the annual Pelican Drop.

Thirty days ago, this wasn't supposed to happen.

Organizers announced the Pelican Drop as we knew it was going to be canceled, but with a venue and time change, the tradition continued another year.

"The whole reason we really do this is to meet that need in the community and our mission here is to improve the quality of life in our city," Jonathon Griffith with the Blue Wahoos said.

The change in time was meant to make the event more family-friendly.

"You know, we did that on purpose. With only 30 days to get ready for this, the whole community wasn't ready for us to take it over, so we didn't want to take from downtown. Our big thing, we know restaurants and bars, this is a big time for them. This is where they make a large chunk of their money for the year and we did not want to compete with anyone," Griffith said.

It's a good idea, according to moms like Tonya Hooper.

"I just feel like it gives the parents an opportunity to come out with their kids just they can enjoy everything we can enjoy, but just so they can get kids home safely and the rest of the adults can enjoy the rest of the evening themselves," Hooper said.

Others without kids, like Kevin Baker still likes the idea of an earlier celebration.

"People, you know, when they get drunk, they start acting funny, weird. It's stuff I don't want to be around. I'd rather be at home, safe in my bed," Baker said.

Kids like Kavon McRoy love the earlier start time as well.

"Pretty much everything," McRoy said when asked what he was looking forward to.

"And then next year, we'll look into possibly doing it longer, but we just wanted to see what the community feedback is," Griffith said.

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