Body part drawn on Graffiti Bridge draws criticism

Photo source: Francisco Turovsky

Monday night anonymous artists drew a female body part on the Graffiti Bridge.

The people who control what happens on the bridge received many messages on their Facebook page about it.

Some called it inappropriate, some urged them to paint over it, so they did. The iconic bridge is a way for folks to express themselves and that's what the people who run it want to preserve. Take our poll share your thoughts on this topic.

They released the following statement:

With The Graffiti Bridge your only limitations are your imagination and ability to create.
Yes, some would say what was done this morning might be inappropriate but... to others it’s art.
In the past we’ve tried to remain unbiased and post everything, but we realize that’s not always possible on social media.
That being said, we will be sharing today’s artwork through our website at
~ The Graffiti Bridge

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