Bond denied for 19-year-old arrested for killing Mobile police officer

Bond denied for 19-year-old arrested for killing Mobile Police Officer. (Source: WMPI/ Photo:Marco Perez)

A 19-year-old man is being held without bond for killing a Mobile Police Officer Sean Tuder.

District Attorney Ashley Rich confirms Marco Perez is being held in the Mobile County Jail on capital murder charges and several federal charges including possession of a stolen firearm.

"Combination of all these things he’ll be held without bond," she said.

The National Guardsmen from Officer Tuder’s unit are gathering in Mobile to pay tribute to the legacy he left behind.

“He was a man of service his entire life revolves around it and his wife and his family ," Rich said.

Mobile Police Department report Officer Tuder served with their department for three years and was named Officer of the Month in July 2017.

According to the Mobile Police Department, Marco Perez shot and killed Officer Sean Tuder Sunday afternoon following a crime spree where Perez faked his own to avoid a federal hearing, reports state.

Previous reports state Perez's mother was arrested for filing a false report about the kidnapping.

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