Broadway actress credits Northwest Florida for her success

Broadway actress credits Northwest Florida for her success

Glinda the Good Witch, it's one of Broadway's most iconic roles. When Allison Bailey was in middle school she saw "Wicked" for the first time in New York City. The already active actress was mesmerized by the experience. She explained, "I remember pulling up to Pensacola Little Theater as a kid and listening to the soundtrack and saying to my mother, 'I hope this show is around when I graduate college cause I'd love to play her."

"Wicked" is more than going strong, and Allison has played Glinda. Most nights, the Pensacola native performs in the traveling Broadway show's ensemble cast, but she also serves as the good witch's understudy. "Standing on stage when I do get to go on for Glinda, cause sometimes I'll cry cause it's so surreal to realize, dreams do come true," she enthused.

A dream spurred along by a lot of very hard work. Allison took years of voice lessons, dance classes and acted nonstop in every local musical from the time she was just seven. "I think that's where I learned, like in Pensacola Little Theater, I learned how to be a good dance ensemblest," she shared.

Allison completed her four year degree at the prestigious Boston Conservatory. Twelve hundred people audition each year, only fifty are accepted. After graduation, Allison moved to New York and began pounding the pavement. She auditioned up to four times a day, worked two regular jobs and paid some serious dues. "A year. It was almost a year to the day that I graduated and booked "Wicked" and I was out of there within six days and then I was on the road," she said.

She's been traveling the country with the Broadway touring company for eight months. The cast will wrap up the New Orleans leg on Sunday, June 19th. Many local fans have traveled to see her perform in her dream show. Allison said it's an honor to have so many who have trained, supported and inspired her make that journey over to the Big Easy. "I'm so excited. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited. You know, cause these people who taught me how to have a career and now that I do, it's just so special to have them in the audience," she smiled.

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