Bus crash victims hospitalized in Pensacola

Bus crash victims hospitalized in Pensacola

Dozens of patients were brought to hospitals in our area after a deadly bus crash in Alabama that killed the driver.

A spokesperson for Sacred Heart Hospital tells us 20 patients were transported there by ambulance and helicopter.

Will Colon, Chief Marketing Officer for Sacred Heart, said as of Tuesday evening two people remain in serious condition, three others involved in the crash are in good condition, and 15 others who were on the bus have been treated and released from the hospital. They're now waiting for their families to arrive.

We’re told teams at Sacred Heart responded to a level three mass casualty Tuesday morning.

Director of Emergency Preparedness Mike Matroni says a level three mass casualty is the highest level of an emergency at the hospital because more than 10 patients needed help from a doctor.

“All of our drills up to this point is a local type event, when you have an incident such as this with folks from a different state that brings a whole new element of difficulty in making sure you can reunite patients with their family members, making sure we get the patients home safely, working with emergency management that’s what we’re doing,” said Matroni.

Medical Director Trish Stephens said the hospital had double the workforce because many nurses who work over overnight stayed later throughout the day to treat patients there.

“We took care of multiple fractures. We took care of some pneumothorax. We took care of some walking wounded. We were ready and had the capacity and the operational resources to take care of all of those injuries,” Stephens added.

Any parent who wants to pick up their child can go to Sacred Heart Hospital or Coastal Church in Daphne, Alabama.

A spokesperson for Baptist Hospital told Channel 3 News one person was treated there and released Tuesday afternoon.

Sacred Heart said they've received an outpour of support from groups across the community, including churches and schools.

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