Bus service providing free rides for voters to get to the polls

Bus service providing free rides for voters to get to the polls

More than 3 million Florida voters have already cast their ballots with a week to go before election day.

As the period for early voting comes to an end, a local organization is carrying out one final push to get people to the polls.

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1395 is offering free rides to voters who have no other way getting to the polls.

"We're not there to tell people how to vote, but we know having that ability to cast your ballot is a part of the process,” said Michael Lowery.

Lowery is president of the union. He's hoping the bus service will help increase voter turnout by reducing ‘barriers to voting’.

"We've been averaging about 30 people a day who have been riding. We wish it was higher, but we're also concerned people are not getting the information,” Lowery said.

On Tuesday, Lowery picked voters up from the Escambia County Area Transit and took them to the Pensacola Public Library, one of nine early voting locations in Escambia County.

"It's absolutely free and during the hours of the polls, when they're open, you call 850-554-6034 and we will take down your name, call you back, and make a reservation to pick you up,” explained Latpon Stanley.

Stanley is a registered voter, but didn't have a way to get to the polls to vote.

"It's good they should have it like that more often. It saves car fare; then, plus, I get dropped off at my destination afterwards. Everybody should get out and vote and maybe things would change,” Stanley said.

Lowery says this is the kind of work he's been dedicated to for a long time.

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