Channel 3 obtains surveys sent to city staff by Mayor Robinson

Channel 3 obtains surveys sent to city staff by Mayor Robinson. (Source: WEAR-TV)

Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson is only weeks into his term but has sent out 770 surveys to all city employees.

Each survey asking the same series of question: what the employee like about the City, what they would like changed, questions they have for Mayor Robinson and what they recommend he do over the next 180 days.

“It at least makes me aware of what people feel,” Robinson said.

Channel 3 News obtained all of the surveys completed. Out of the 770 sent out only 262 were returned. We combed through all of them.

The most common responses for what the staff members like about the City is communication and team work among departments.

When it comes to what employees would like to see changed, the most common answers are pay and benefits as well as less homelessness and panhandling across the city.

Robinson says he only read through 50 of the surveys but hears their concerns.

"We're not going to be able to solve everything but we'll certainly look at areas and work on things we can do better on but the good news is everyone feels fairly good about the job they do and feel good about what we do in general serving the citizens of Pensacola, that's very good to me,” Robinson said.

As far as questions employees have for Robinson, most brought up if he’ll be transparent and open to staff.

Over the next 180 days many employees say they would like Robinson to work on morale and improving upon what was done the past administration.

“We've already started some things I’m very happy about, we just have to keep at it and keep moving forward,” Robinson explained.

He expects to read every survey within the coming weeks.

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