Checkers employee arrested for stealing $80 from register

Precious Jones was arrested July 3rd by Escambia County Sheriff's Department. (PHOTO: ECSO)

A Checkers employee is arrested for taking cash from the register, authorities said.

A manager at Checkers noticed $80 dollars was missing while she conducted routine checks of the cash register on July 3rd, an arest report stated.

According to the report, $80 dollars in $20 bills was missing from the “passenger side register”.

The manager pulled security footage which captured an employee, Precious Jones, taking “out a stack of bills and fold them up into her hand” while at working at Checkers at 5300 North Davis Highway, the report stated.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Department arrived and handcuffed Jones while she was working and arrested on her one felony count of petit theft.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Department checked Jones’ purse that yielded three $20 dollar bills which was taken in for evidence, the report stated.

The report also added Jones has two prior theft convictions. It added she also has gone by at least two different alias names.

She is expected in court on July 26th.

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