Pensacola kid on 'blue bike' wrote down his dream job and carried it in his pocket

Kendrick Thompson carried his dream of becoming a fireman in his pocket. He wrote it down. It inspired him. Now, he works for the Pensacola Fire Department.

A Pensacola man has carried his dream of becoming a firefighter in his pocket for years.

His dream is now a reality.

"I want to be a fireman to put out blazing fires in the wind," wrote Kendrick Thompson, when he was seven years old.

Thompson told Channel 3 News that his dream started when Pensacola firefighters visited his elementary school.

"I looked at it as I want to ride in that big red truck with the lights and be cool, and as I grew older I realized there's more to the job and more fundamentals helping people out," said Thompson.

As a 7-year-old, Thompson wrote his goal on a piece of cloth for a school assignment. Growing up, he said that he found any excuse he could to visit the fire station.

"I'd always ride my bicycle and when I wanted to go to the fire station... I'd drain the air out of my tires just to go get air," said Thompson.

About 10 years later, he reached the fire academy. During the rigorous training, he said his own childhood words kept him going.

"I forgot about it. I knew I put it up and then once during academy times got rough... I went back to where I knew I put it at and then I found out .. I just started smiling as soon as I saw it," said Thompson.

From that point on, he said he kept the poem tucked in his pocket.

"Whip it out and remind myself I came this far... I got to keep on going," said Thompson.

Fire Chief Ginny Cranor said that she could not wait to share his story once he became a firefighter.

"It's just something that I haven't heard beforeI sat him down and said you have such a great story.. It's such an honest and genuine story such enthusiasm, openness, he's not shy about it or embarrassed in any way," said Chief Cranor.

They hope Thompson's drive and success will inspire another child as Thompson gears up alongside the firefighters who inspired him.

"To this day they said, 'Aren't you the little boy who used to come around on the little blue bicycle?' I said yes that was me. 'They said I remember you.'"

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