Christian values, sexual misconduct allegations weigh on Alabama voters

WEAR - Voters will choose next U.S. Senator

Voters in Covington County have come to the polls in Lockhart, Alabama. People from all over the area, including the nearby town of Florala, have come to vote and so far, they've had about 30 voters an hour to come in and fill out this ballot.

It's kind of ironic, there is a straight party ballot on there as well, but the only item to vote for on the ballot is the United States Senate race. We got to talk to some people a little bit earlier and they told us that they are split on the decision but have ultimately come to one, although they are different decisions.

"Some of the things that I have seen on the TV, on the media, about the sex harassment and stuff, you know, kind of changed my mind," Windford Shakespeare, a Doug Jones supporter, said.

"He seems to me to be a Christian man, and other than that it's just it's me believing that he is a Christian man is the reason I voted for him," Walter Kimbro, a Roy Moore supporter said.

Polling places close around the state at 7 p.m., so you still have time to get in line to go and vote.

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