City of Pensacola deploys officers to help with Hurricane recovery

City of Pensacola deploys officers to help with Hurricane recovery. (Source: Ft Walton Beach/ Photo; Bren Willis)

Hurricane Michael has left devastation behind in many areas of Northwest Florida.

Although, Pensacola was able to dodge the raging hurricane Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties were not that fortunate.

The city of Pensacola is offering a helping hand to its neighbors by deploying city employees assist with the recovery efforts.

According to Pensacola Police Department, six officers are working with Gulf Power in Chipley and another eight officers and a command vehicle were sent to Panama City. One officer is in the National Guard and was activated for duty.

Pensacola Fire has also offered assistance in the Hurricane recovery efforts. They have prepared to send an Engine Company and fire inspector with the next deploying Strike Team.

The city of Pensacola released a statement saying, ‘Pensacola Police and Fire have mutual-aid agreements through their unions which allows the City to be reimbursed through Federal Emergency Management Agency. The crews were coordinated through the State Emergency Operations Center so the correct and necessary resources are being deployed.”

The city officials say their employees who are deployed are expected to be self-sufficient so they do not drain resources from the affected areas, that means camping in tents and bringing food with them to cook.

Mayor Ashton Hayward said, “We were very fortunate to be spared by Hurricane Michael and can’t help but to think how close this storm came to us,”

City officials said Pensacola will continue to work with their neighbors to make sure they get the help they want.

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