Community organizers cleanup in Escambia County

Community organizers cleanup Pensacola. (Source: WEAR-TV)

Several local ministries and agencies came together on Saturday to better the community.

It was a cleanup day combined with a stop the violence campaign.

Organizers say the goal is to unify people through working together for a common cause.

Kenneth Daggans, of Black Fist Ministry Inc., said he promotes unity in the community and wants to bring awareness to the residents in the area.

Daggans explained his reasons for contributing to community. Daggans stated he is reformed Gangster Disciple, gang member who now works in the ministry.

Rodney Jones, President of NAACP of Pensacola; says "we have we have so many of our young people being killed in the streets..and many of them are out here doing nothing." Jones says, when the agencies come together and collaborate it gives the community strength.

Volunteers picked up trash and debris along the road on North W Street this morning.

The cleanup effort wrapped up at TJE Jolene Avant Center of Excellence and the volunteers were treated to a catered lunch.

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