Community rallies around local police officer who lost wife

Community rallies around local police officer who lost wife

Life handed Officer Corey Newcomb a tough blow when his wife suddenly died in January, but the Crestview Police Department, Newcomb's church, and the greater Hub City community has rallied around the officer.

Officer Newcomb said it's the guys and gals he works with at the Crestview Police Department who've made life for him and his children a little more bearable.

Three weeks ago Newcomb's life changed forever.

"I can't describe it, you spend your whole life looking for that one person. That one person you feel like completes you," Newcomb said.

His wife of eight years, Kellie, died during the night. Corey found her the next morning.

It's been a hard road since, but he has worked toward joint custody of Kellie's daughter - his adopted daughter.

She has become his first priority.

The community has rallied around him, local businesses host fundraisers, his church supports him with prayers. His brother and sister officers have stepped up as well.

"I had officers here around the clock, multiple officers here during the day, and they kept an off-duty officer parked in my yard who slept in their vehicles at night, in case I needed something at night. They were right there to help me," Newcomb said.

They ground down tree stumps and built a garden, complete with Japanese Glass Fishing Floats, Kellie's favorite. It's a memory from their time at Misawa Air Force Base in Japan.

The garden is a constant memory of Kellie's life and the strength of the thin blue line.

"Just the fact they went out of their way to do something. Again, I can't explain it. They've gone above and beyond and they've shown what a family is supposed to me," Newcomb said.

"We spend more time with our co-workers than we do our family. Most of the time when we are with our families, we are asleep. And if anybody gains anything out of this, its treat your coworkers as family, because you need each other," Newcomb said.

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