Community reacts to Trump's release of Russian memo

Community reacts to Trump's release of Russian memo

A political firestorm over the release of a controversial Republican memo, shedding light on the Russia investigation.

The four pages, written by Republicans, claims the FBI let political bias affect their work and led to an abuse of power designed to target the Trump campaign.

Congressman Matt Gaetz said intelligence protocols should be looked at closer now.

"The best thing we can do is come together acknowledging how bad these facts are, take remedial action to ensure they don't hurt the country going forward and then work together," he said.

The letter raised eyebrows and some concern with Pensacola residents.

Claudia Hicks said she is still waiting for the truth.

"I won't get into it any deeper, I can get real ugly sometimes about opinions," said Hicks.

Regina Wright agrees.

"Everybody in that office needs to pull together," Wright said.

The document was written by GOP lawmakers as part of an effort to reveal what Republicans say are abuses of power by the FBI and the Department of Justice in the Russia investigation before special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to take it over.

The memo also alleges that the FBI failed to provide the FIS court with evidence against Carter Page.

Gaetz said he is hopeful that the release of the FISA memo will help move our country forward.

"This is not good for Republicans and it is not good for Democrats," mentioned Gaetz.

John Armstrong said someone should be held accountable.

"Their loyalty is going to lean towards the people that put them in that job," said Armstrong.

Many people say coming together and moving forward will be a challenge for everyone involved.

"It's going to take a lot for them to pull together," Wright said.

"That's asking a lot, but if they put America first instead of their own agendas then that will happen," mentioned Armstrong.

"They like to fight with each other too much, that's all what it's about, it's just a fight," Hicks added.

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