Community says enough is enough following latest drive-by shooting

Community says enough is enough following latest drive-by shooting

Escambia County deputies are investigating a drive-by shooting in west Pensacola that happened Monday night.

While deputies search for the gunman, neighbors said their peace of mind has been shattered.

Dozens of bullets riddled a home on Fremont Avenue.

As gunshots echoed through the neighborhood, people who live nearby are calling for change.

"They pulled up and parked right there and started firing off. We heard about 20 or 30 rounds," Andrew Kimmons said.

"If you're the one doing this. My opinion is that you need to just grow up. You need to just stop and think about what you're doing and what you're going to be like in 10 years because you're doing this," explained Deborah Collins.

An Escambia County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said shots were fired into a home from a passing car.

The sheriff's office said no one was hurt and no one has been arrested.

Next door to Kimmons’ home, you can see where bullets pierced several windows and the glass door was blown out from the gunfire.

Bullet holes are the only evidence that a shooting happened at the home.

"A gun is not a toy," Collins added.

Collins said she and her family were sleeping at the time.

She went on talk about how much the neighborhood has changed in recent years.

"It kind of made me think back to when it wasn't a good neighborhood," Collins explained.

"This kind of thing can happen anywhere really, it can happen in the nicest neighborhoods in town," added Kimmons.

That's why he encourages his neighbors to tell police what they saw and be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

"I depend on God to keep us safe," Collins said.

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office said fortunately there was no one inside the home when the shooting happened.

They are still looking for a teal Ford Escort that could be involved.

The sheriff's office said the investigation is still ongoing.

They say if you have any information about this case you're asked to call the sheriff's office or Crime Stoppers at 433-STOP.

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