Connect To Congress: Sen. Nelson discusses Jerusalem, Roy Moore Republican tax reform bill

Connect To Congress: Sen. Nelson discusses Republican tax reform bill

Sen. Nelson: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel but what we have is that, our policy is we want to produce a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians and that's why they've never moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem although we have a major consulate there with a big office for our ambassador. They never do that and thus President Trump is not doing that in his declaration so the policy stays the same. Nothing has changed.

Hussey: Thanks for clearing that up for me because it is confusing to have an embassy here and this going on there Senate race in Alabama.

Nelson: Well my thoughts are simply, do I believe the women or do I believe candidate Moore? And I believe the women.

Hussey: House judiciary committee press conference

Nelson: The main concern I have is the outside influence, namely Russia, that has not only influenced the last election and that's not in doubt but what are they gonna do in the future. We already know that they are in the election records, the voting records in 20 states that includes Florida as well. They don't have to go in and change the outcome of an election in the future, all they have to do is go in and start omitting voter records. You can imagine the chaos if that would occur when Mrs. Jones shows up on election day and they say 'I'm sorry, you're not registered and she says yes I am', and that causes chaos and the lines get longer and people get dissatisfied waiting in line. The Russians have that capability, they're already in 'em so we're going to have to protect ourselves from a foreign power attacking critical infrastructure which is our free elections system.

Hussey: What can we do to try to prevent that?

Nelson: Offensively, we can hit them and we have that capability although it's highly, highly classified but in the meantime, we can get the 20 states sufficiently aware of what is about to happen in case the records are to be changed and if they are, then there need to go up alerts immediately that the Russians are changing records. We've got to be on the lookout for that because to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Hussey: Tax reform

Nelson: Remember this is not only a tax bill, they have attacked the Affordable Care Act, they're gonna raise the premiums ten percent, they're gonna wipe 13 million people in this country off of health insurance, that's in this tax bill. A lot of people don't understand that. Premiums for example, people from 50 to age 64 before Medicare at age 65, will go up enormously from ten to $16,000 dollars per year. People don't realize this is what is happening. Now, with regard to taxes, they simply go out and borrow a trillion and a half dollars which is added to the national debt in order to give large multinational corporations a huge tax cut that's not fair. That's not good tax policy.

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