Controversial Milton sign sparks complaint

Photo source: Channel 3's David Gonzalez

A sign in Santa Rosa County is raising eyebrows. It calls former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other government officials traitors. Some feel it also threatens violence.

The sign is posted outside a business on Dogwood Drive in Milton.

The sign depicts pictures of others like Special Counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI Director James Comey, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The sign states the people will see them hang.

Martin Simmons, a member of the Republican party of Santa Rosa County, said freedom of expression often results in consequences.

The business was not open on Monday afternoon.

Simmons said this message goes too far.

"This is not helpful, or necessary, or even appropriate because we can win without this because we have the facts on our side as conservatives," Simmons said.

Drivers traveling on Dogwood Drive feel this level of expression is too aggressive.

Kimberly Lathan said, "Everybody has their own opinion and I'm okay with that."

In addition, Lathan said, "We all can say whatever we want and feel however we want, but to have something like that on the side of the road for my child to drive by and see, I think it's a little forward. She learning to read so of course when says, 'Mommy, what does let someone hang mean?' How do you explain that to a seven-year-old, eight-year-old?"

Simmons said, "I think before we use the word 'traitor' like that there needs to be due process. We expect due process. As conservative Republicans, I want our side to give due process to the other side before we jump to the rhetoric that they always jump to."

Santa Rosa County did send a county employee to check out the sign.

The sign doesn't violate any codes.

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