Price of hurricane shutters on the rise with President Trump's tariff on aluminum

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The price of aluminum hurricane shutters is going up.

In fact, many aluminum products will likely cost you more after President Trump's new tariff on the metal.

The 10-percent tariff on aluminum from Canada, Mexico and Europe took effect in the beginning of June.

The tariff's impacts can be felt in Northwest Florida now.

Suppliers of products, like aluminum shutters, said their prices have already started to rise.

"At least the talk of the tariff has even accelerated the pricing," said Scott McCartney with First Choice Home Improvements. "Because you can't wait until the day the prices increase. You have to anticipate that in the industry at least 30 days in advance."

McCartney is the Vice President of First Choice Home Improvements. The company sells and installs hurricane shutters and windows.

Suppliers said customers could pay at least 20-percent more because of the tariff.

"Then we're paying quite a bit more for that product, which is just then passed down through production, installation and eventually to the consumer," McCartney said.

However, he said there are other products you can use.

First, he recommends fabric shields. He said they are 15-percent cheaper than shutters, easy to install and just as effective.

McCartney said another option is impact resistant windows, which can withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour.

He said the tariff will also impact the home improvement industry as a whole.

"Not just in hurricane protection, but we do a lot of aluminum products such as screen rooms. You know something as simple as you know the supports in between the windows we have are made out of aluminum also," McCartney said.

Aluminum prices climbed by 18-percent in the US in the second quarter of this year, after the tariffs were announced.

The tariff will affect prices on everything from beer cans, to cars to gas grills

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