Cost of street resurfacing project passed to Pensacola homeowners

Passing the bill: Residents billed for road work

The City of Pensacola is chipping away at a $15 million street resurfacing project.

The city has repaved 680 city blocks so far out of 1,800 blocks in the city.

However, new home construction is forcing some utility companies to cut into the newly paved roads.

Vernon Stewart, Public Information Officer for the City of Pensacola, said there has been a policy in place since 2010.

The policy states any road in the city must be restored to its original condition if it's damaged during a construction project.

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority is one of many utility companies passing a hefty cost onto customers when they tap into water or sewer lines.

Stewart provided pictures of ECUA projects that cut into resurfaced roads around the city.

He said some of the ECUA restoration efforts didn't follow or meet standards set by the city.

Nathalie Bowers, Public Information Officer for ECUA, said the cost to bring the roads back to city standards is going to be passed onto consumers whose home projects forced a cut in a road.

Bowers said the company understands the city is working hard to preserve their investment in new roads.

Some residents and business owners, like real estate developers who wanted to remain anonymous, said they're being billed up to $8,800 for the patchwork.

Bowers said the utility has spent $1 million repairing roads since the city's policy took effect.

The city's road resurfacing program is set to be completed by the end of the year.

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