Council on Aging needs space heaters for the elderly

Council on Aging needs space heaters for the elderly. (Source: MGN/ Photo: Pixabay)

It’s officially Winter and the temperatures have dropped outside.

Many individuals in our community may not have the necessary means to keep adequate heating within their home.

Therefore, the Council on Aging is asking for the community’s help to keep the vulnerable and elderly adults warm by purchasing space heaters.

The Council on Aging told Channel 3 News each year they provide space heater to the senior citizens during the colder Florida months.

John Clark, President/CEO of Council on Aging of West Florida says “We don’t often think of Florida being bitterly cold during the winter, but temperatures can often drop below freezing. It is not unusual for homes with poor insulation to reach 50 degrees at night. This can constrict blood supply, impede cognitive function and slow metabolism, not to mention how uncomfortable it is. Our seniors deserve better.”

The Council on Aging says they continue to receive daily calls requesting for more heaters.

If you are over the age of 60 and need more heat please contact the Council on Aging at (850) 432-1475.

If you would like to purchase space heaters for the elderly click here for more information.

Please note that Council on Aging cannot accept used heaters due to the agency cannot verify the fidelity or safety of used appliances.

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