Dangerous intersection in Escambia County to be revamped

Dangerous intersection to be revamped

The Florida Department of Transportation data shows there have been at least 42 crashes at the intersection of Mobile Highway and Beulah Road in Escambia County over the past 5 years.

The most recent was Monday night and it involved an Escambia County Sheriff's deputy. That deputy, Hector Escajeda, is in critical condition at Sacred Heart Hospital. Five other people were injured.

Beulah Fire Chief Steve McNair responded to Monday night's accident.

"When I first saw the vehicles, I thought, oh we are going to have a fatality."

Fortunately, no one was killed, but there are severe injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol said one of the drivers ran a stop sign and that's what caused the accident. Chief McNair said that's often the case.

He said, "It has increased with the amount of population that has come out to Beulah. We are one of fastest growing communities, if they aren't real familiar with the intersection, it can slip up on you in a hurry. People have been running that stop sign."

McNair feels a traffic light needs to be installed. "There needs to be a traffic light or at least a caution light."

It seems FDOT is also now on board. They are planning to revamp the intersection and make it safer by adding a traffic light, left hand turn lanes and widening both Mobile Highway and Beulah Road.

They are holding a public forum on the proposed changes on April 26th at the Beulah Senior Center on Woodside road at 5:30.

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