Demo day: Mobile home park being torn down, six people still living on property


A dilapidated mobile home park on New Warrington road in Pensacola will soon be history.

A demolition crew rolled in Thursday morning and began tearing the place down. Demolition is expected to take one to two weeks – as long as those still living on the property heed the eviction notice.

The last time Pat Giboney paid rent to landlord, Giovanni Gelano was this month.

"I only gave him $100,” said Giboney. “I wouldn't give him the whole amount."

The whole amount is $400, but Giboney hasn't had running water or electricity for close to two months.

"I'm just hanging on by a thin thread,” said Giboney.

As demolition crews rolled in, Giboney found out she has 24-hours to vacate the trailer she's called home for the past two years.

"It's just a nightmare,” said Giboney. “There's no better words to explain."

The mobile home park has been operating without a permit since October. The Florida Department of Health and Escambia County Code Compliance have been investigating since then.

"I’d rate this... on a scale of one to ten, it's horrible I'd put it at a ten,” said Sergeant Terrance Davis, from the Escambia County Office of Environmental Enforcement.

Sergeant Davis says Gelano has been cited for multiple violations.

"We give the owner the opportunity to get in compliance,” said Davis. “If they don't, then we have to, because of the circumstances, we have to move in."

That's where Willie Craig comes in.

"Everything's got to go,” said Craig. “When we get finished with it, it's going to be clean like this ground down here."

Craig works for Bonners Hauling, the company contracted by the county to clear the land. He says he's never seen anything this bad.

"I wouldn't even want my dog to live like that right there,” said Craig. “It's just wrong and they're breathing this type of environment and all this garbage and debris and stuff around here. It doesn't make any sense."

Six people remain at the mobile home park. Giboney is one of the lucky ones – she has a place to stay once the final eviction comes.

"I’m stuck between a hard place... and whatever,” said Giboney. “I’m just stuck."

If the rest of the residents aren’t out, Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies will be called in.

We reached out to Gelano for comment, he did not get back to us.

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