City of Destin could see a new fishing pier in the near future

City of Destin could see a new fishing pier in the near future

City leaders in Destin are considering whether to build a municipal fishing pier in the Gulf.

The City of Destin has always proudly billed itself as the world's luckiest fishing village, but for over four decades there has been something missing.

The city pier was destroyed in 1975 during Hurricane Eloise. Councilmember Prebble Ramswell thinks it's time to consider replacing it.

"We really center our whole community on the fact that we're a fishing village and family-friendly. One of the things that has really bothered a lot of us is the fact we don't have a public fishing pier, we don't have a public marina," Ramswell said.

She has posed the question on her Facebook page. So far, the response has been mostly positive.

The biggest debate is whether to rebuild it at Crystal Beach or near Henderson Beach State Park. Regardless of where it's built, anglers say it would be an asset.

"I think it's a great idea. I think it would be a great attraction for this beach. Even though it's a popular beach, I think it would add to the allure," David Hewitt said.

Ramswell thinks the city can secure the BP oil spill money to pay part of the tab with other funding to pick up the rest.

"We can talk with the TDC and getting tax funds to be utilized for it. There's lots's of different options," said Ramswell.

Nearly every other beach community Panama City and Gulf Shores already has a Gulf pier.

The City of Destin has a meeting planned next month. Ramswell plans to bring the feedback she's getting to the full council at that time.

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