Disabled veteran creates business inspired by his injury

James Renteria took computer-aided design classes and built this device to stabilize rifles.

A Niceville veteran who was injured in Afghanistan used his experience to build a new product, and a small business.

Now he wants to inspire others.

After serving his country in the Marines and Navy, James Renteria took computer-aided design classes and built this device to stabilize rifles.

Ever since he was a little boy, Renteria liked to solve problems. The Marines turned that trait into a skill.

"Being in the military," Renteria said "We were constantly faced with different situations where we had to solve the problem, and a lot of times, we had a ton of really good ideas, but all we had the time for was a quick fix."

After his service, Renteria was injured in a fall in Northwest Afghanistan, hurting his shooting abilities, but giving him an idea: a way to stabilize a rifle with just one hand.

He learned the basics of computer-aided design 3-D printing and sold his truck and many of his guns to finance his idea.

The fruit of his labor, the fang: a piece of solid nylon attached to the rifle to stabilize it and give the shooter more accuracy.

Development wasn't easy, he took more than 50 attempts to make the final product.

"I can think of no better thing than to work hard, and show that you can take an idea and do anything," Renteria said.

It's the same message he has for other veterans who are just leaving the service.

"Hey, take the chance, learn, work, strive," he told Channel Three.

Renteria won't stop at this product: he began the process to file for a second patent on another product not related to firearms.

The FANG High Speed Shooting Stabilizer is sold online and in area gun shows.

Renteria said this product would have been impossibly expensive five years ago. But, the advent of 3-D printers lowered the cost of production for small businesses like his, making it possible for creative entrepreneurs to build their ideas at much lower costs.

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