Downtown Pensacola booting concerns: How legal is it?

    Downtown Pensacola booting concerns: How legal is it?

    Mayor Grover Robinson is looking into parking complaints in downtown Pensacola.

    Specifically, a number of people have filed complaints after their cars were ‘booted’ in private parking lots.

    Now Robinson is asking the city attorney to see if the practice is legal.

    Since January, you may have seen yellow boots around wheels in downtown Pensacola.

    “I’m not happy about that,” said community member Dana Tripoli.

    Premium Parking runs several private lots downtown, including one on Garden Street for ‘One Palafox Place’.

    Parking manager Philip Olivier said they started booting cars on this private lot in January.

    “It’s hard enough to park downtown as it is. With booting it makes it more difficult, makes people even hesitant about coming downtown,” said Tripoli.

    Customers now use an app and a kiosk to pay for parking.

    Olivier said they issued tickets only to parking violators for the first eight months, which was to give people time to understand the new system.

    “Basically, if you haven’t paid for enough time or you didn’t pay in the first place you’re gonna get a boot on your car,” said Olivier.

    Billy Lovelace with ‘One Palafox Place’ said booting is the best option to control parking downtown.

    If your car is booted, it will cost $50 to remove it.

    “You’re not gonna come out and find your car gone and try to figure out where the towing company is across town and go get it and pay a hundred, two-hundred dollars to get your car back,” said Lovelace.

    Mayor Robinson is looking to see if the practice is legal.

    He hopes to appease critics of the downtown parking.

    “I think moving to an app driven system is not really a problem, but when you’ve changed everything at all times I think you’ve created more problems,” added Mayor Robinson.

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