Downtown Pensacola restaurant shut down over roaches, food temperatures, drainage problems

Downtown Pensacola restaurant shut down over roaches, food temperatures, drainage problems. (WEAR-TV)

A restaurant in Downtown Pensacola has closed its doors temporarily after health inspectors cited it for 26 violations.

Shux Oyster Bar has closed for business twice this week after failing several health inspections.

The health inspection report lists everything from grease build up and debris to hundreds of roaches dead and alive.

Shux Oyster Bar is closed after inspectors found five high priority violations and 21 other violations.

Jeff Sanders says he expected better from a restaurant in such a good location.

"I think it is very important that we keep a good health inspection going on especially with the downtown area and all of the tourism that is brought down here," said Sanders.

Brooke Frausto is a regular customer there.

"I was definitely surprised because I thought when you go downtown you get more of a cleaner feel so it was a bummer for sure. I don't want to say that it probably happens but it is kind of an outdoor restaurant," Frausto explained.

The report lists dozens of violations at the restaurant including a lack of proper pest control measures, floor drains backing up and oyster tags not marked with the last date served.

A manager at Shux Oyster Bar tells Channel 3 crews are repairing structural damage and cleaning out the kitchen.

The restaurant could reopen for business on Monday, according to managers.

Click here to read the violations from Sept. 18

Click here to read the continued violations from Sept. 20.

You can read Friday's inspections here.

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