Driver's License Clinic: Restoration event coming in March

Driver's License Clinic: Restoration event coming in March

Almost two million people in Florida have suspended driver's licenses. Thousands of them are in Escambia County.

Coming up March 8, those drivers have a chance to get their licenses back, with some expert help. The Driver's License Clinic brings together the various agencies needed to get a license restored.

Drivers will still have to pay any fines and fees they owe. They will be able to learn about payment plans and other options.

Escambia County Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz said, "And so we're really trying to educate people. This is why your license is suspended, these are the steps you're going to need to take to get it back. And some people are going to be able to walk out the door with a license, and some people are just going to have a plan. But even those who just have a plan, knowledge is power and so now they know."

The clinic is only open to Escambia County drivers, and space is limited. You can register online beginning January 15 here.

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