ECSO alerts public on child abduction in Escambia County

ECSO: Alerts public on child abduction in Escambia County. (Source: MGN)

UPDATE: [12/4/2018 11:00 p.m.]

Imagine your child coming home from school telling you a stranger tried to lure them in their car, offering to give them a ride home.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said that has happened twice in the past two weeks.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare that you have a child abducted,” Sheriff Morgan said.

He said in the two reports, an older man in a white or black van, or SUV, pulled up to a student and offered the child a ride.

It’s unclear if the cases were related.

"The primary thing is to let our children know to not be enticed into a stranger's vehicle for any reason. They can weave some pretty good stories for children,” said Sheriff Morgan.

One case was reported off North Palafox St. and the other along Pine Forest Road.

However, Sheriff Morgan said abductions can happen anywhere.

"This thing tends to be all throughout the regions or districts and remember these people are in vehicles so they are very mobile so they may have approached children up on North Palafox and the next one could be on the west side of town,” he said.

Sheriff Morgan wants to parents to remind their kids what to do if they are approached.

He recommends them to do the following:

  • Run away
  • Find a responsible adult
  • Call 911

Leslie Hunter-Huff said she always keeps her 10-year-old daughter in sight.

"I would be freaked out if someone did that to my baby,” she said.

Hunter-Huff said it’s a stark reminder for both parents and children to always be away of their surroundings.

"Sometimes people say ‘Oh you're gonna scare parents’. Parents ought to be afraid. There are children walking to school every day taking my daughter to school,” she said.

Sheriff Morgan also wants to remind parents if you hear or see anything suspicious take detailed notes and then call the authorities.

These notes can include:

  • A description of what the person looks like
  • Information on the make, model and color of their car
  • License plate information
  • When and where the incident happened


A child abduction is every parent’s worst nightmare and to ensure the safety of your children, Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) issued an alert for parents everywhere.

On Tuesday, Sheriff David Morgan of ECSO posted a video alerting the public of a danger in our area.

The sheriff advised parents to educate their children about stranger danger and situation awareness of child abduction.

During the video, Sheriff Morgan stated ECSO has recently received "vague reports-not specific " information regarding a individual attempting to pick up children in a vehicle.

ECSO says, the information given to the Sheriff's Office about the individual or vehicles involved has been vague.

Students have reported they have been contacted by a white van, dark van or a dark SUV in different parts of Escambia County, says Sheriff Morgan.

ECSO reports Palafox Street and the Pine Forest Road areas are specifically being reported; however, he states the area "it’s kind of all over.”

Sheriff Morgan states the reports they are receiving are concerning during this season and during anytime of the year.

The sheriff provided tips for parents informing them to tell their children if they are approach by someone to do the following:

  • Run away
  • Tell a responsible adult
  • Dial 911
  • Make a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency such as the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office or Pensacola Police Department.

For more information on child safety and prevention click here.

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