Double murder of Pensacola teens rattles community

Photo: Gideon Fussner, suspect in double-homicide on Weis Lane

Friends and family are praying for justice for two Pensacola teenagers killed in a double murder.

Escambia County deputies are trying to piece together the two shooting deaths that happened on Weis Lane after 11:15 p.m. Monday night.

On Tuesday morning deputies arrested 19-year-old Gideon Fussner, charging him with homicide and aggravated battery.

Neighbors who live on Weis Lane are quick to say murders are rare in the quiet neighborhood. but in one day two young lives were lost.

An eyewitness, 25-year-old Devon Dixon said a group of friends were inside a home on Weis Lane when Fussner began firing shots.

Dixon said he narrowly escaped the gunfire.

"He comes out of nowhere and pow, pow, pow, got me traumatized. I can't even stop thinking about it," said Dixon,

The sheriff's office said the shooting stemmed from a dispute over a young woman.

"I guess something happened on Facebook," Dixon said.

One neighbor said the gunshots startled him out of bed.

"I was in my bed and I heard some gun shots, jumped up ran outside, heard a lot of commotion, went straight back inside and called 911," said a neighbor who asked not to be identified.

An Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) spokesperson said they found two teens, who were killed in the shooting when they arrived on scene.

"He just didn't care; he wasn't even thinking," Dixon explained.

One of the men who died was19-year-old Raymond Martinez. The other was 17-year-old Julius Lewis, who was still finishing high school.

"One of them is still in school and the other one just had a baby that I just seen on Facebook, just sad," said Dixon.

Meanwhile, fellow neighbors are devastated.

"It's horrible to know that it is this close to Christmas, they probably had a long life head of them, just really feel for them," added a neighbor.

Family and friends are hoping justice is served.

"If I was by Gideon and would have seen him pull the gun I would've told him don't do that, that's taking somebody life," said Dixon.

Early Tuesday afternoon, deputies said they discovered a 2015 white Chevy Equinox that is believed to be connected to the shooting.

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