Elberta school shooter arrested again

Barbara Grice (Photo: Baldwin County Jail)

A woman who brought a gun to Elberta Elementary School in 2015 has been arrested again.

Barbara Grice fired a shot at her sister, who worked in the lunchroom, in February 2015.

No one was hurt.

Grice pleaded guilty. She was sentenced to three years in prison and three years probation.

Now, the Baldwin County District Attorney's Office says Barbara Grice violated those terms.

District Attorney Robert Wilters said, "Part of the reason for the revocation on the state charges is her failure to appear before probation officers, failure to pay court-ordered money, and failure to report to court referral officers for drug screenings."

Grice's attorney, John Beck, said his client thought she didn't have to report a state probation officer since she was already reporting to a federal probation officer.

Wilters also asked Judge Clark Stankoski to add another condition to her probation: that Grice cannot go on school grounds, after she appeared at a school. Her attorney said she was trying to pick up a sick grandchild and received permission from the school ahead of time.

Grice is being held at the Baldwin County Jail until her probation hearing, scheduled for April 25th.

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