Escambia County using new technology to fight mosquito-borne illnesses

Mosquito, Photo Source: Franco Patrizia

Escambia County has a new tool to fight mosquito-borne illnesses.

The county and the City of Pensacola have teamed up with Gulf Power to use new technology to attract and kill mosquitoes.

Gulf Power is testing these devices in areas around the county where lots of people gather.

Kimberly Blair, a spokesperson for Gulf Power, said the company hopes they can change the way people deal with these pesky pests.

For example, looking out into the Southwest Escambia Sports Complex you may not notice how Gulf Power is helping fight mosquitoes.

However, if you take a closer look you'll notice a new mosquito control device called a Dynatrap.

It's one of five being tested at the recreational facility.

Blair said, "You know whenever you go out to a sporting event; one of the things you have to do during mosquito season is to slather up in mosquito repellant and then try to combat the mosquitos while you're trying to enjoy a ball game or watch your kids play."

The device uses UV light and CO2 to lure in mosquitoes.

"It draws the mosquitoes in, attracts them, just like they would be attracted to a human being," Blair said. "Then, there's a vacuum in the bottom of the device. It actually sucks the mosquitoes in and then shreds them."

A total of 30 will be installed on different poles at the county's equestrian center, Community Maritime Park and the Roger Scott Tennis Center.

The Dynatraps will be tested for a year.

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