Escambia man arrested for dragging girlfriend out of the car

Escambia man arrested for dragging girlfriend out of the car. (Photo Dylon Lewis/ Source: Escambia County Sheriff's Office)

Escambia County Sheriff's Office deputies arrest a man, a report states, for domestic violence charges.

According to the report, Dylon Ra’Shad Lewis got into an argument with his girlfriend on Sunday at a home located on Mindoro Circle, because he was talking to other women.

The report revealed when Lewis’s girlfriend was getting into her car for work, Lewis grabbed her and by the right leg and drug her out of her car. The victim’s roommate witnessed the incident between Lewis and his girlfriend and got into an argument with Lewis for putting his hands on the victim, says the report.

According to the report, witnesses said Lewis pushed the roommate and in return the roommate wrapped his arms Lewis's neck causing Lewis to pass out.

When Lewis regained consciousness, he began to hit the roommate, the report states.

The witness who intervened within the argument, stated within the report, he did not want to fight Lewis, so in order to prevent any harm from Lewis he wrapped his arms around Lewis’s neck trying to control him.

According to the report, once Lewis regained consciousness the witness stated he left the residence in order to prevent getting in a fight with Lewis.

The arrest report stated, Lewis went into the house and his mother and sister came to speak with Lewis in the bathroom about the incident. When Lewis’s sister returned from the bathroom, she punched Lewis’s girlfriend in the face and threaten to kill her.

According to the report, witnesses say Lewis’s sister and his mother left the home in a hurry before the deputies arrived. The two women were last seen speeding down Mindoro Circle in a black Volkswagen.

According to the arrest report, 21- year-old Dylon Ra’Shad Lewis was taken to Baptist Hospital and later arrested and charged with battery.

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