Escambia Westgate School receives a new playground

Escambia Westgate School receives a new playground (Source: WEAR-TV)

Students at Escambia Westgate School were able to embark and play on a new playground and learning garden on Friday.

Escambia Westgate School held a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning thanking their partners at Ascend for contributing a "beautiful" new accessible playground and learning garden.

Phil McDivitt, CEO Ascend Performance Technologies, said " I'm so excited to be dedicating a new special needs playground here at the Westgate school. We’re so happy and thrilled to partner with the school district to provide an area where can have a great place to play."

When McDivitt spoke about the Westgate he said “Pensacola as a city ought to be so proud of the fact that this is here and this gives special needs students the opportunity to not only have a great inside experience with Snoezelen, but also have a great outdoor experience and experience all the great joys of playing outside that maybe were a little bit more difficult for them in the past, we hope this playground allows them to do it.”

Escambia School Superintendent, Malcolm Thomas expressed how projects like these are rare and wouldn't happen without the help of great community partners.

Thomas says, "At Westgate, everything we do is a learning experience, whether we think it is. Play also teaches them how to develop language, how to reach out and touch, develops motor skills for students that are in wheelchairs. Just a great comprehensive project for Westgate.”

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