Prichard chase suspect leaves Facebook Live rolling

    (image: WPMI) Prichard chase suspect leaves Facebook Live rolling

    NBC 15 News has learned a person of interest in a deadly shooting and the focus of Tuesday's high speed chase was live on Facebook during that chase. Ledarrius McMillian, 20, led Prichard Police on that chase into Mobile and eventually ran into a Mexican restaurant during lunch. We're told the entire Facebook post was taken down, but NBC 15 News obtained clips from it.

    At one point, it shows responding officers putting the phone, while still on Facebook Live, into an evidence bag. As officers chat about what just happened, people are commenting and liking the post.

    Surveillance video obtained Tuesday, the day of the police chase, shows McMillian run into the Los Rancheros restaurant on Airport Blvd. Officers, some in plain clothes with guns drawn, run after him. This as innocent families are eating lunch. McMllian is captured in the kitchen all while a phone he's ditched in a car is still on Facebook Live.

    "Ahh, he was ready! Crack, pills, gun, crack pill gun," one officer says.

    "He ran inside the damn Los Rancheros!" says another officer.

    "Give me a bag to turn inside out for the gun. I ain't even going to secure it right now. Put that in one of those vehicles. It hasn't been safety-ed, [sic]" the second officer goes on to say.

    Prichard Police say additional charges stemming from the chase will be added. Police say McMillian is a person of interest in the deadly shooting of Jamal Chambers in December.

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