Fairhope to remodel city parking lot

(WPMI) Fairhope to remodel city parking lot

Fairhope city leaders want to help you find a parking spot and thousands of dollars in federal money will help make it happen.

For years the city's parking garage has seen little use even though it has room for 253 vehicles.

The plan is to design and re-model a series alleyways already in place to direct visitors to the parking garage.

The facelift will also include better signage and a series of bus stops to help with BRATS bus transit to get people to and from the parking garage.

Some $600,000 in federal transportation money will be used through ALDOT and the Baldwin County Metropolitan Planning Organization to complete the project. The city of Fairhope will match 20% of the funds.

" We anticipate breaking ground Summer of 2018 and after construction starts we anticipate it finishing up about 8 months from that so about 8 months." said Sherry Lea Bloodworth Botop with Fairhope Economic Development

The city expects to have the design phase of the project completed by January 2018.

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