'Fake' stop signs near Innerarity Point cause a stir

'Fake' stop signs near Innerarity Point cause a stir

Some people who live near Innerarity Point created road signs that are now causing a stir. Residents said they're trying to control the weekend crowds.

The signs on Ucita Drive are not legal, but some residents said they're necessary to stop a bigger problem.

"They're parking out on the street, up in people's yards," said Chuck Salayi.

Chuck Salayi said the weekend crowds at the Galvez Landing Public Boat Ramp are out of control. The boat ramp is located a street over from Ucita Drive.

"I live here. I only come down here during the work week. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it is so congested and crowded. Really it's a health hazard with boats coming in and out of here, especially if you have small children," said Salayi.

He said that people who want to use the ramp oftentimes can't find a parking spot, so they turn to dead-end roads nearby.

"There's no place to park unless you're walking three blocks away," said Salayi.

Commissioner Doug Underhill said that it's the price that residents pay for their waterfront property, especially during the summer months.

"The bottom line is it's summertime. We live in Florida and it's July," said Commissioner Underhill.

He said that he understands the frustration. He also said that if people block residential driveways their vehicles could be towed. The signs denying access to citizens are still prohibited.

"The matter of taking matters into your own hands and putting up those signs - that is a violation of the code of ordinances and the code enforcers will go out there and remove those signs," said Commissioner Underhill.

He said that the county is working on the parking problem.

"As soon as the park is finished. We'll be able to expand the Galvez Landing Boat Ramp as well," said Commissioner Underhill.

He said that until then, people who live there and the people visiting need to all get along.

Commissioner Underhill wants to see the county put money towards more public boat ramps.

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